Transition Management &
Navigation Centers

How do Ideas Emerge?

A Navigation Center is the best future state environment we know how to create (at the time). We bring the rest of the organization into the Navigation Center to design their future. Then, recreate the NavCenter to be the best future state environment we know how to create (at that time). Continue to iterate that cycle and recreate the organizations future, then recreate the NavCenter, etc.

Transition Managers in a Navigation Center


A Transition Manager has his/her feet in 3 places and bridges the gap between the past, the present and the future state.
Those different worlds are potentially hostile (one to the other). A Transition Manager has the capability to move freely among and between those different worlds using The Art of Strategy (Sun Tzu) to 'manage the interaction of forces'.
A Transition Manager has the capability to live in the middle of the creative process (insight/synthesis) and can deal with that level of ambiguity.
 Facilitate is to make easy. A Transition Manager facilitates the personal and organizational transformation by removing barriers to collaboration and creativity.
 A Transition Manager forges a neutral environment for mutual benefit.
 A Transition Manager takes no undue advantage of the information or circumstance however, in most cases, the situation serves to lead to something new and valuable.
When a Transition Manager sees something that needs to be done he/she has the responsibility of sharing what they see. This is Sapiential Leadership in practice.

"The job is the boss, knowledge is the leader."
Michael Kaufman


In a DesignSession we want to represent many vantage points from the Value Web. In relation to the specific focus of the session, bring 3 types of people together. People that know a field (people familiar with the area of focus), people that are new to that field and people that have radical ideas. Consider people that can be fluid in moving through the 5 Roles of Mastery.


"Management is prediction."
Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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