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MG Taylor Corporation's Position on Intellectual Property Issues

Intellectual property law carried over from the Information Age is evolving to meet the needs of the Information/Knowledge Age. The courts have interpreted trademark, patent and copyright laws to apply them to new products and services such as movies, tapes, CDs, software programs, and finally the Internet and other electronic media. It is still unclear in many areas how trademark, copyright and patent law will evolve so as to promote the progress and transfer of knowledge and technology. There is no doubt that law in this area will change radically in the next few years.

MG Taylor Corporation is committed to protecting its own and others’ intellectual property rights. At the same time, we are committed to the concept that paradigm shifts in the areas of economics, production, ownership, and creativity require careful rethinking and reinterpretation of intellectual property laws. MG Taylor Corporation considers it the responsibility of all knowledge workers in its network to become familiar with the basic tenets of the law and with the issues in areas where reinterpretations are being made. It is our opportunity and responsibility to act ethically in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of law.

In keeping with the notion of Value Web(SM) community and the Business of Enterprise(SM) Model, copyright notations should include the names of all entities involved in creation of the document such as the clients. Name MG Taylor Corporation and the client corporation as copyright holders, while crediting individual participants and staff in the text of written material.

MG Taylor Corporation is committed to protection of others’ copyrights under the law. However, the issues involved in use of others’ copyrighted materials are complex, and introduction of electronic media such as Internet and World Wide Web are not making it easier. Knowledge workers should be familiar with basic legal requirements concerning copyright, fair use, and public domain.


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