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Organization & Governance: Policy

Did you know that the social structure of the Iroquois Nation is matrilineal? All rights of citizenship and social position (including ability to participate in governance) are inherited from the mothers. Women are the primary educators and quite active in governance. Western tribes like the Pueblo and Hopi and others are matrilineal/matriarchal. The constitution of the US is derived (almost copied) from the Iroquois Federation of States, a set of guidelines governing the Iroquois Nations that has been verbally passed down through generations.

What are the guiding principles and governing rules for the enterprise of the 21st Century?

"Once the importance of tacit knowledge is realized, then one begins to think about innovation in a whole new way. It is not just about putting together diverse bits of data and information. It is a highly individual process of personal and organizational self-renewal. . . In this respect, the creation of new knowledge is as much about ideals as it is about ideas. . . To create new knowledge means quite literally to re-create the company and everyone in it in an ongoing process. . . not the responsibility of the selected few - a specialist in research and development, strategic planning, or marketing - but that of everyone in the organization."
THE KNOWLEDGE CREATING COMPANY; Ikujiro Nonaka & Hirotaka Takeuchi, 1995

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Most change programs today . . .

"Allan McDonald, Thiokol's director of the Solid Rocket Motor Project . . had the reputation of being an iconoclast and a loner because his intellectual interests transcended narrow specialities. . . his questioning had lead him to the conclusion that Thiokol and NASA were flying with a booster with an inherently dangerous joint seal design, one that proved itself especially vulnerable to cold weather. . . According to (Roger) Boisjoly, the hidebound and protective bureaucracy that flourished in the center under Dr. Lucas prevented them from properly impressing NASA with the seriousness of the situation. Their conviction that cold weather might provoke a catastrophe on a future flight was watered down to a 'nonissue' by the time it reached Lucas."

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Will an elimination of bureauracracy eliminate this failure of communication?

"The days of the mammoth corporations are coming to an end. People are going to have to create their own lives, their own careers and their own successes. Some people may go kicking and screaming into the new world, but there is one message there: You're now in business for yourself."
Robert Schaen, taken from JOB SHIFT; William Bridges, 1995

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Will a society of individual entrepreneurs and family businesses significantly change laws, regulations, and tax structures within the next seven years?

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