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Creativity & Learning: Tactics

"Adults can be ordered into a classroom and proded into seats, but they can't be forced to learn. On the other hand, adults who see a need or have a desire to know something are quite resourceful."

"When the conditions are right, adults seek out and demand learning experiences. . . The key to using adults' 'natural' motivatoin to learn is tapping into their most teachable moments: those points in their lives when they believe they need to learn something new or different."
Ron and Susan Zemke

What challenges must the enterprise of the 21st century provide to tap into the "most teachable moments"? How will new learning methods and processes be implimented? Can learning be measured?

"For most products or services, the exemplar engages in six iterations of production. Each of these iterations emphasizes further shaping of the product because of new information feedback. Each iteration becomes a more and more efficient resource investment - perhaps half of the previous phase. In turn, each iteration doubles the quality of the product or service. In this manner the exemplar becomes increasingly more efficient in resource investments and effective in results outputs."
THE EXEMPLAR; Robert Carkhuff, 1984

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A typical product or service in your organization goes through how many design iterations?

"While a significant part of learning certainly comes from teaching - but good teaching and by good teachers - a major measure comes from exploration, from reinventing the wheel and finding out for oneself. . . The computer changed this balance radically. All of a sudden, learning by doing became the rule rather than the exception. Since computer simulation of just about anything is now possible, one need not learn about a frog by dissecting it. Instead, children can be asked to design frogs, to build an animal with frog-like behavior, to modify that behavior, to simulate the muscles, to play with the frog."
BEING DIGITAL; Nicholas Negroponte, 1995

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The freedom to explore ideas and use models and sophisticated simulations will be a part of most employees work descriptions by . . .

"In the past few years, the playing field of American intellectual life has shifted, and the traditional intellectual has become increasingly marginalized . . . Indeed, the traditional American intellectuals are, in a sense, increasingly reactionary, and quite often proudly (and perversely) ignorant of many of the truly significant intellectual accomplishments of our time. . . It is chiefly characterized by comment on comments, the swelling spiral of commentary eventually reaching the point where the real world gets lost."
THIRD CULTURE: Beyond the Scientific Revolution; John Brockman, 1995

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On average how much of your daily information intake is useful?

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