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Humanity, Right Livelihood & Quality of Life: Tactics

"One is born with intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, dignity, cooperation, curiosity, joy in learning. These attributes are high at the beginning of life, but are gradually crushed by the forces of destruction."

"The forces of destruction come from the present style of reward, and their effects. What they do is to squeeze out from an individual, over his lifetime, his innate intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, dignity. They build into him fear, self-defense, extrinsic motivation. We have been destroying our people, from toddlers on through university, and on the job. We must preserve the power of intrinsic motivation, dignity, cooperation, curiosity, joy in learning that people are born with."
W. Edwards Deming, The New Economics

What distinguishes 21st Century living from the past? How do we know it's improved? By what method(s) will the quality of life improve?

"Something extraordinary is happening in American society. Criss-crossed by invisible trip wires of emotional, racial, sexual, and psychological grievance, American life is increasingly characterized by the plaintive insistence, I am a victim. The victim-ization of America is remarkably egalitarian. From the addicts of the South Bronx to the self-styled emotional road-kills of Manhattan's Upper East Side, the mantra of the victims is the same: I am not responsible; it's not my fault. . . The ethos of victimization has an endless capacity not only for exculpating one's self from blame . . . but also for projecting guilt onto others."
A NATION OF VICTIMS; Charles J. Sykes, 1992

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This societal condition of "victimization" . . .

"We do not lack the technology to tackle most of the problems facing us. . . and where we do not yet have the necessary means, we know how to set about developing them. Nor are we short of the money needed to save the world. The WorldWatch Institute in Washington, D.C., has estimated that the total cost of a six-year program to protect the soil, reforest the land, reduce population growth, retire the debts of the developing countries, raise energy efficiency, and develop renewable sources of energy would amount to around $750 billion. A lot it would seem . . . until we compare it to the more than $1 trillion the nations of the world currently spend on arms in just one year."
VOICES ON THE THRESHOLD OF TOMORROW; Georg Feuerstein and Trisha Lamb Feuerstein, 1993

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Current resource expenditures are driven by

"Big systems enjoy success by destroying communities. They trick us into thinking that we must fight them as individuals. They trick us into thinking there is nothing but ourselves. As individuals we haven't a prayer against big systems."
Donna Schaper, as quoted in STEWARDSHIP; Peter Block, 1993

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Emerging processes, tools, and environments will favor . . .

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