Designing the 21st Century Enterprise

Participant Organizations

Arnold Engineering Development Center
Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) at Arnold Air Force Base, located on 40,000+ acres in middle Tennessee, supports a workforce of approximately 3500 people, of which approximately 300 are active and civilian Air Force personnel with the remainder being contractor employees. Their employment impact on the surrounding area is almost 12,000 jobs making AEDC a community asset of over $6 Billion.

AEDC is Air Force owned and managed through a contractor work force. The AEDC commander is responsible for accomplishing the center's mission. The commander's staff of military personnel and civil service employees are responsible for the overall planning,direction, scheduling, assignment and funding associated with mission requirements. Under staff surveillance, the management, operation, and maintenance of test facilities, real property and related equipment and utilities are accomplished by contract.

The existing primary contractors are Sverdrup Technology, Inc., MicroCraft Technology, Inc., and SSI Services. After the October 1, 1995, contract change, the two primary contractors will be Sverdrup Technology, Inc. and Aerospace Center Support (ACS) which is a joint venture between various companies including Computer Science Corp. (CSC), DynCorp, General Physics Corp., Canteen Corp., and USAI.

The mission of AEDC is to support the development of aerospace systems by testing hardware in facilities that simulate flight conditions. The center also conducts a research and technology program to develop advanced test techniques and instrumentation and to support the design of new test facilities. AEDC has contributed to the development of nearly every top national aerospace program since the 1950s. The center operates some 50 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket motor turbine engine test cells. Go to Arnold Engineering Development Center Home Page

CKE Restaurants, Inc.
CKE Restaurants, Inc. is primarily engaged in the food industry. CKE began in California in the mid-1950s. CKE operates, franchises and licenses the Carl's Jr. quick-service restaurant concept, principally in the Western States and Mexico. There are 600 CarlÍs Jr. restaurants in operation, of which 383 are company, 246 are franchised and 31 are operated by international licensees. The current strategy of the company has three main elements:

--To improve aggressively the cost structure;

--To increase Carl's Jr. . . retail sales by developing and implementing consumer-driven and research-based marketing programs; and

--To realign and invest in the organization and efficiency of its human resources.

These measures are yielding positive results, with margins improving and sales decline is abating. CKE is implementing a Carl's 2000 program that makes its restaurants contemporary with the environment from the year 2000 to now.

CKE is one of the innovators in the quick-service restaurant industry. A variety of products that have a strong reputation for quality and taste are offered in a a comfortable dining room with partial table service. CKE was among the first to offer self-service salad bars, all-you-can-drink beverage bars and the convenience of an automated debit card for payment of a meal. The menu features charbroiled hamburgers and chicken sandwiches along with its baked potato's, fries, fried zucchini and a limited breakfast menu.

The company franchise strategy is designated to further the development of the Carl's Jr. chain and reduce the total capital required for development of new restaurants. Franchise operations are the Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah.

Major chians larger than CKE dominate the quick-service restaurant industry. Competitor pricing or other marketing strategies can have an adverse impact on CKE.

Ernst and Young
Ernst & Young is the product of the 1989 merger of former Big 8 companies Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young. Both merging firms had very long histories - in 1859 Frederick Whinney became a partner in the British accounting firm that, in 1979, joined with the company that the Ernst brothers founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1903. The Scottish immigrant Arthur Young formed a partnership with C.U. Stuart in Chicago in 1894, taking his brother Stanley in as a partner when Stuart later withdrew.

Based in New York, the Ernst & Young organization has global revenues of over $6 billion, generated through a network of 66,000 people in more than 685 locations around the world. With nearly 8,000 consulting professionals, its management consulting practice is the second largest in the world. In the United States, Ernst & Young's management consulting activities generate almost a third of the company's total revenue.

Services offered include:


*Information technology services, including:

--Systems strategy,

--Systems planning and delivery


*Business change implementation, including:

--Organization change management

--Organization alignment

*Knowledge management

*Planning and business improvement portfolio development

*Performance measurement

The Ernst & Young Management Consulting Practice mission is "to contribute to the long-term success and competitive strength of clients. This is accomplished by helping clients to identify solutions that improve performance, by assisting in implementing those solutions, and by aiding them in managing the subsequent change."

Ernst & Young's Boston Center for Business Innovation is a research and development facility that helps bring state-of-the-art ideas and solutions to clients. Its Las Colinas Center for Business Transformation is dedicated to the continuing development of world-class methods and tools to support its consulting services. "Our practice combines strengths in process improvement, technology enablement, and organizational effectiveness capabilities, leveraged with industry knowledge. Guiding our projects are advanced Business Process Innovation, Business Change Implementation, and Ernst & Young Navigator Systems Series(SM) (systems delivery process) methodologies." Ernst & Young is forming a practice called Entrepreneurial Consulting (EC) "that will be dedicated to serving the particular consulting needs of entrepreneurial and middle-market clients."

Source: Hoover's Handbook Database on America On Line

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Health Care Financial Administration
As part of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) administers the Medicare and Medicaid programs, which are national health insurance programs for the aged, disabled, and many of the nation's poor. Medicare provides health care services for 36 million beneficiaries and Medicaid, which is administered jointly by the States, has 33 million beneficiaries. HCFA's total outlays of about $222 billion in Fiscal Year 1993, equals 14 percent of the total Federal budget.

HCFA's 2,600 headquarters staff in Baltimore and Washington develop and coordinate health care coverage and payment policy, guide health care operations, manage surveys andcertification of health care installations, plan legislation, conduct research, and perform many other functions. The 1,500 regional staff in 10 locations around the country oversee HCFA operations in their in their areas, and directly assist Medicare contractors, State agencies, providers, program beneficiaries, and the general public.

Throughout its existence, HCFA has undergone constant change as the Medicare and Medicaid programs have evolved through major legislative and policy innovations. HCFA has dealt with hospital prospective payment, managed care initiatives, physician payment reform, the explosive growth in Medicaid spending, continual budget reduction bills.

HCFA has developed a strategic plan and is in the process of implementing "Total Quality Environment", although it has not yet examined whether, at the macro level, the organizational structure facilitates accomplishment of its mission. HCFA is increasingly under pressure to downsize and streamline the organization.

HCFA representation is hoping to come away from the DesignShop with "some enlightenment/exposure to other methods of approaching the task of ensuring the organizational structure supports the mission/goals of the organization" and "some different approaches, tools, perspectives" on how the agency might "undertake this examination in the future."

F15 Advantage

Information Advantage
Information Advantage develops and markets a suite of integrated multidimensional OLAP decision support (EIS/DSS) applications and a component-based rapid application assembly environment for data warehouses. The applications are architected to perform in an open, server-based, three-tier environment. Rather than extracting data from a relational database and populating a proprietary multidimensional environment, can simply point and click to identify trends and exceptions, draw comparisons, perform calculations and get answers very quickly.

By enabling rapid deployment of custom EIS/DSS applications, management gets timely information to accurately report, analyze, and plan competitive business activities. Information Advantage has global presence in Fortune 500 companies, including industry leaders in retail, consumer package goods, publishing, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Information Advantage sells products through a direct sales organization with offices in Minneapolis, MN; Teaneck, NJ; San Francisco, CA; and London, England, as well as through affiliates worldwide. Information Advantage has developed strategic partnerships with an impressive list of companies to ensure the very best developmental support.

Formed in 1990, IA has a five-year history of superior technology innovation focused on the rapidly growing data warehouse market. IA sees tremendous opportunity to build an even stronger global business aimed at putting meaningful business information into the hands of individuals, workgroups, and the entire enterprise.

IA comes to Wharton in the dual role of consultant and participant.

Orlando Regional Healthcare System
Orlando Regional Healthcare System is one of the state's most comprehensive medical systems, offering a complete range of services for nearly two million residents of Central Florida.

The mission of ORHS is to improve the health and quality of life of the individuals and communities we serve. This commitment is the driving force of our continued success. As a private, not-for-profit organization, ORHS extends this commitment to include an ongoing reinvestment of services and funds in to the Central Florida community.

Our guiding principles:

Working together as a Team to make ORHS the best place to work in Florida. Working together as a team to deliver the highest quality, most cost-effective healthcare services. Working together as a team to take a leadership role in improving the health and quality of life of our community, while maintaining financial stability.

ORHS has enjoyed a history of growth and change since opening in 1918. As we look to our future, some things will remain constant: commitment, compassion, professionalism and innovation will always serve as a cornerstone of Orlando Regional Healthcare System.

The SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
The SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management is the world's first "think tank" on the future of management education. Its mission is to understand the future environment of business and to help design educational programs to meet these emerging challenges.

Through workshops, lectures, and roundtables, the SEI Center has brought together hundreds of business leaders and academic experts to discuss the critical challenges facing organizations in the 21st century.

The Center's research is focused on "creating a 21st century enterprise," with particular emphasis on six underlying themes:

--Creating the Enterprise for the 21st Century

--Information Technology

--Innovation and New Product Development

--Value Creation

--Empirical Generalizations from Business Research

--Business Ethics

The SEI Center led the development of Wharton's widely-acclaimed new MBA curriculum. It also has spearheaded the Virtual University Lab Project at the University of Pennsylvania, which isexamining the impact of information technology on the future of education. SEI Center lectures have presented the ideas of leading thinkers including Kenichi Ohmae, Percy Barnevik, and Peter Drucker.

Robert Taylor and Associates
Robert Taylor has been a leading force in the Executive Search profession for over thirty years. In 1965, he began pioneering the profession in Latin America while working for a major international search firm. He subsequently founded and served as president of TASA, which grew into one of the world's largest executive search firms, with 19 offices in 17 countries. Mr. Taylor has been involved in hundreds of executive search engagements in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. He has also served on the Board oof Directors for the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

In 1984 the Library Journal chose Taylor's book "How to Select and Use an Executive Search Firm" as one of the best business books published that year. The book provides practical, down-to-earth guidance on on all aspects of filling an executive vacancy, including advice for executives who are either approached by an executive search firm as a prospective candidate, or who have decided to find a position with another organization.

In 1985, Robert Taylor voluntarily left TASA to his successors. Since that time, he has worked with the A.T. Kearney Executive Search Division as Senior Vice President. In 1994 he left A.T. Kearney to form Robert Taylor & Associates to pursue other missions. Prior to entering the executive search field, Robert Taylor was Director of Human Resources of ITT Europe. He also had experience as Director of Administration for Reaction Motors, Inc., a rocket engine development company, as Safety and Training Director for Mobil Oil Company in Venezuela, and as Chief Safety Engineer of Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd., a British oil company in Trinidad, British West Indies.

Jack Yurish and Associates
J. L. Yurish & Associates is a management consulting firm specializing in Strategic and Operational Planning as well as Organization Development, Productivity Improvement and Executive Development programs. Jack Yurish, President, has a business career that encompasses over thirty years' experience in a variety of line and staff functions with organizations such as Western Electric, The American Management Association, ITT and The Hertz Corporation. After participating in a leveraged buyout of The Hertz Corporation, Jack was Executive Vice-President, National Car Rental System, staying in that position for six years. It was during his tenure at The Hertz Corporation that he first became aquainted with MG Taylor Corporation, and invited them to hold a DesignShop.

Jack has also been associated with top-level executive programs, including the "Experience Compression Laboratory", and The Quality College, a nationally known organization specializing in quality management. He is a co-founder of the Cambridge Management Institute. Currently, Jack is engaged in leadership mentoring and providing managment counsel to senior executives, and is working with the MG Taylor Corporation Team.

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