cats based on sketches from How to Draw Animals by Jack Hamm, Perigee Books
copyright© 1969, Jack Hamm


Kenneth E. Boulding
Kenneth Brower
Harry Browne
Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C. Clarke
Edwin G. Dolan
Rollo May
Peter F. Drucker
Loren Eiseley
Matt Taylor
Ostrander and Schroeder
Jonas Salk
T.H. White
Rudolf Steiner
R. Buckminister Fuller
T.H. White
Leonard J. Duhl
Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren
John Platt
Don Fabun
Lyall Watson
Marilyn Ferguson


10. The Meaning of the Twentieth Century
10. The Starship and the Canoe
11. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
11. Childhood's End
11. Profiles of the Future
12. The Courage to Create
13. Managing in Turbulent Times
13. The Invisible Pyramid
14. Renascence Reviews
15. Superlearning
15. The Survival of the Wisest
15. The Book of Merlyn
16. The Education of the Child
16. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
17. The Once and Future King
17. General Systems Theory and Psychiatry
18. How to Read a Book
18. Perception and Change
19. The Dynamics of Change
19. Supernature
20 The Brain Revolution


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