Matt Taylor

Renascence Reviews, 1979

Creativity, Quality And Aesthetics

Vision comes from within you—it is the manifestation of the unique being that you have created. You are unique biologically, culturally, and spiritually. Seeking this uniqueness. nurturing its growth. and developing its potential in every action of your life is the essence of creative living.

Conflicts arise among people only when creative thinking/doing is not used. Without creative thinking, people develop a ''you or me'' static circumstance in which each person's "interest'' must conflict with the other's. People often fight or compromise in this situation. rather than challenging their assumptions and creating new visions that would make fighting and compromise unnecessary.

When many people come together. and create and share individual and common values, the result is a healthy stress-free community. What we need in our communities is creative thinking in all aspects of life. Allowing creative thinking/doing in our schools is the single most important challenge education faces: developing creative thinking/doing in our society will determine the quality of life in our culture, if not its survival, over the next 25 years. When you desire quality, you make the maximum investment of time and effort in everything you do. You refuse to sell your life short, and strive to achieve the best within yourself and others Quality cannot be achieved without vision and the integrity of making that vision real in action. A quality life requires leisure for contemplation. a development of the aesthetic sense, control of one's inner; and outer reality, mental and physical health, and positive social interaction.

Your vision of yourself is what you achieve—you create your self-vision by your thought in action. The vision comes first. Two years ago, when people asked me what I was doing, I would explain the Renascence Project: its ideas, goals, methods. its timetable for actualization. Most often they would just stare—there was no money, buildings or members in the project. Now I am often asked if I don't think the project is growing too fast. The real issue is not the growth rate but the ratio between the vision and the actual achievement, which has remained essentially the same over the past 3 1/2 years.

You always achieve your vision—if it is blurred, contradictory or narrow in scope that is what you will actualize in action and that is what you will manifest in your environment. As a people what we are lacking most now is a concept of what we are and can become. Look around you. Are you surrounded by people of petty vision? Stagflation in the economy started first in people's minds.

Aesthetics is the process by which humans make concrete long range plans and forge abstract values into a perceivable form of reality—it is both a method of vision and a reward. An end in itself. Aesthetics is involved in every action we take; it is intimate to the task of translating vision into reality. A planet is ugly long before it is uninhabitable—the health of most people can be determined simply by looking at them. A vision of a healthy planet and humankind is more important than all the ecology laws and hospitals: these institutions merely reflect the prevailing vision and are subject to its logic.

Your vision and the quality you bring to its nourishment is your essential creative act—it determines your entire life’s experience and it is your contribution to the commonwealth of the human race.


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