InterKnodulations InterKnodulations
Tom to Dave. Welcome to MG Taylor. Dave to Peter. Peter to Kathy. You still like me. Kathy to Barbara. She's wise. Barbara to Chris A. This is his beginning and welcome. Freshness. Chris to Billy. Enjoyed conversation. Kindred spirit. Billy to Mark. Hugs and understanding. Mark to Jolynn. Taking excellent care. Jolynn to Angie. Kindred spirit. Angie to Nancy. Environment queen. Nancy to Alicia. Appreciation. Alicia to Randy. Willingness to help on camera. Randy to Rob. Reminds me of another person I like. Rob to Linda. First person I met at a DesignShop event. Linda to Lori. Liked talking with you. Lori to Terry. Nice to meet you. Terry to Jennie. The smile you always have. Jennie to Mark. Opportunity to meet for the first time today. Mark to Mike. Great golf game. Mike to Chris S. Someone I just met. Chris to Larry. Only one left. Welcome and take new learning back home.


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