The paddle slips in, bites water
Tug, pull, and sudden motion!—I push the water past me and glide
Talking, watching, feeling, smelling, hearing
Pulling, twisting, shifting, laughing
Reveling in the sensation
I kayak without fear
I release
My preconceptions shift, dissolve and transform themselves anew

Do you not see what surrounds you?
Novices all! In tipsy craft!
Mud and wind and tide
Sun and rain and storm
Dolphin and shark, gator and mite,
Hidden critters, and worn parts
And worst, yes WORST, are you strange folk,
You beginners, you people,
Whose fears and strengths and conditions and egos
Are a mystery, are unknown, are the greatest danger
To yourselves and to others.

How is it you feel safe?
How do you dare to relax?
How do you release your fear?

I feel safe. I trust. I give myself up to the experience.
Surrounded by peril? I see only peace.
Bounded by novice? No, enfolded by the company
By love and not fear
In our web we are strong
I only need flow to not fear

It is fear that emperils you
Fear freezes
Fear rolls over
Fear is wet and cold...

And while fear is perfectly reasonable,
intutition billows above reason
I am safe


copyright 1997, MG Taylor Corporation (except where noted)
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