Knodal Model of Communication

To optimize our fitness as Transition Managers, we must begin with an understanding of the elements of communication. These include trust, innovation, risk-taking, feedback, intention, values, intuition, fields of energy, attitudes, and behavior. This model is a means to understanding how these elements interact.

Trust is found at the core of the model of communication for a Transition Manager. The Transition Manager must be free of old and new constraints; therefore, this is the proper beginning for the placement of trust. The moons that circle the core of our model include the principles of risk-taking, intention, feedback, and innovation. The orbit of these moons, and how strong the pull of each, is dependent upon communication. Intuition is not a force that a Transition Manager can control, but it is a force that drives a Transition Manager's communication. These are depicted in the model as comets, a force that circles us constantly but that we clearly see and understand on rare occasion.

The model is filled with a variety of fields of energy. These fields are more apparent to another Knode than any of the other components of this model of communication. Surrounding the core of the model is a field of energy called values. These can be goals, past experiences, and a variety of other elements that we bring into our communication. The stars surrounding the model are also fields of energy that affect our ability to communicate. These represent the attitudes and behaviors that we transfer to other Knodes in our daily communications. As a matter of fact, you can often see the stars (attitudes and behaviors) without verbal communication! These elements are in constant orbit.

When we interact with another Knode, if the shared value is high, the communication is more intimate and our fields of energy become one. If the shared value is low, the fields of energy barely spark as they touch one another. In either case, the connection created by two Knodes is a piece in the greater Web.

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