On February 24, 1997, a group of twenty-two Knowledge Workers came together like never before

and like they never will again...

to grow their knowledge and thereby increase the value and wealth of the 7 DomainsModel

What follows is a distillation of their discoveries and collaboration

Beginning as separate Nodes, they found themselves connected through a complex web of patches...

The four patches were uinversal truth, the web, innovation, and communication.

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The Participants:
Chris Adams, Mark Arshonsky, Lori Bergeron, Alicia Bramlett, Kathy Clemmons, Billy Dawson, Angie Dillon, Dave Desmond, Peter Durand, Mike Ferber, Nancy Loeb, Tom Lloyd, Barbara Luoma, Terry Mance, Jennie Payne, Mark Pinto, Rob Post, Randy Russell, Chris Schenk, Jolynn Steffan, Linda Vining, Larry Visser

The Facilitation KreW:
Doug Cantrell, Bryan Coffman, Frances Gillard, Nola Kjelgaard, Stan Leavitt, Mary Molina, Jay Smethurst, Derek Stobaugh, Gail Taylor, Matt Taylor

Hilton Head knOwhere support:
Albert the Cat (Real Cat), Lori Bergeron (logistics), Kelvy Bird (journal kits), Todd Johnston (logistics), Scott Kjelgaard (tech support and cat wrangler)

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