How Does Innovative Transition Management Work?

A Transition Manager performs a specific kind of management required at a specific moment in the life of an organization, corporation, city, country or planet.

How does a Transition Manager innovate for the overall fitness of a project?

  • FACILITATE process of transformation
  • COMBINE vantage points
  • FORGE environment to best allow for innovation
  • RELEASES creative energies of others
  • FUNCTIONS for mutual and planetary advancement
  • MAINTAIN highest ethical framework
  • HOLD no apparent position of authority
  • INFLUENCE profoundly yet invisibly
  • RESPOND to life's quest to reach a higher order
  • MANIFEST specific successes
  • FUNCTION from sapient authority
  • OPERATE in two different, hostile worlds
  • BALANCE between old and new worlds
  • AVOID entrapment by old or new
  • RECEIVE no undue advantage in results
  • EXPECT no predetermined outcome

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