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Humanity on Spaceship Earth at the end of the 20th Century is in the midst of a huge transformation. The changes in the world initiated with the Information Age and the aftershocks caused by the end of the Cold War era are now directly impinging upon the majority of the world's population.

Economic growth potential in third world countries has created seemingly infinite market possibilities for any enterprise that is capable of fulfilling a specific need. Enterprises have found it necessary to expand into each of these markets so that they can provide customized services through local interaction. A universal culture is beginning to appear as a result of the softening of geopolitical borders and cultural boundaries. In addition, a perception of ever widening economic gaps is festering in 3rd world countries.

As we move into the 21st century, local interaction with markets will require enterprises to partner more effectively while becoming more efficient. This shifting of resources will continue to cause a flattening of organizational structure. This, in turn, will drive enterprises to dynamically recreate themselves in response to the market.

Enterprises must incorporate more complete communication methods and technologies because of the incredibly dense information content associated with global and local aspects of their markets. The cost of communication has greatly been reduced as a result of increased band width, storage capacity, and processing speed associated with the new enterprise computing models.

The infinite market has placed an unacceptable drain on the world's environmental infrastructure. Consumable commodities such as wood, minerals and agricultural products are becoming depleted, and environmental pollutants are increasing.

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