Web Maintenance Issues for Transition Managers

Process Facilitation
The transition manager uses process facilitation to develop and maintain the functionality of the nodes and the connections. This must be done with an eye on the functionality of the web as an organic whole. The transition manager finds himself at various times testing and challenging the thought process at individual nodes, fostering
efficient relationships among nodes, and monitoring the effectiveness of the web as a functioning unit. Useful teaching tools include the 3 Kat Model, the Creative Process Model, and the Oregon Experiment Model.

The transition manager also uses and manipulates environmental factors to optimize the functionality of the web. A web functions best when there is freedom of communication in terms of the absence of hierarchical boundaries. State of the art
communication media can be used along with traditional media to enhance efficiency. A multi-media data bank can serve as a clearinghouse and synthesis mechanism.

Project Management
In the project management domain the transition manager maintains the web by

  1. enhancing the depth of specific knowledge and the breadth of system knowledge at each node,
  2. developing the management skills of the nodes and the management syntax of the web so that the management function can rotate throughout the web as needed
  3. teaching a cyclical process that builds in trial and feedback at various stages and iterations.

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