Web Nomenclature

To ensure a common language about webs, a nomenclature has been developed.

  • Webs are synonymous with networks.
  • Webs are comprised of two or more nodes connected by a relationship.
  • Nodes are defined as the lowest level of element within a web. A node is an individual within the context of this document unless otherwise stated. Successful nodes within a web contain certain characteristics as defined by the Internal Communication model.
  • Super Nodes are defined as connections between one web and another web. The "superness" is directly related to the number of connections. [A Super Node may be a web in and of itself]
  • Relationships are defined as the connection between nodes. Communication occurs only through a relationship.
  • Communication is the sharing of information.
  • Patches are groupings of Nodes in the web whose purpose is to manage the chaos created by multiple internodal connections.

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