What Makes a Web Work?

or, how do you build value into it?
SIZE A web must fall into a range of optimal or functional size in terms of the number of nodes and the number of connections. Too many nodes will overload the connectivity and result in inefficiency. Too much connectivity in any one node make the web vulnerable to collapse at that node.
COMPANIES OF ONE Each node must start with an awareness that it is a company of one. Each node's sense of its own purposes, passions, and self-interests is what drives its connections to various webs.
SHARED RISK The nodes of a web are tied together by shared risk. Shared risk and the prospect of shared reward is the source of stress that creates the need for new solutions and spawns the trust that binds the web together.
COMMUNICATION Communication must be both effective and efficient. Communication allows the nodes to specialize and avoid information overload, while maintaining the congruity that give the web value.

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