Why Web?... Some Characteristics

Whether or not we recognize or intend it, each of us is part of many networks or webs. A web may emerge organically as a means of survival or may form surrounding hobbies, businesses, or unusual interests. The scope may be small and insular, large and interconnected, naturally formed or intentionally driven. The key to webness is connection and the strength of web is value continually enhanced by built-in feedback. Web is the natural outcome of the current shift from a managerial to facilitative environment.

Some characteristics and Properties of Webs:

  • The whole is more than the sum of the parts
  • Behavior of the whole cannot be understood by the parts alone
  • Webs are holistic, nonlinear, cooperative
  • Webs encourage shifts from objects to relationships
  • Webs create collective intelligence
  • Value is understood contextually
  • Value increases as complexity increases
  • Feedback loops are built-in, resulting in self-balancing, self-adjusting and better self-organization
  • A weak patch can weaken/destroy the entire web

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