Journal of Transition Management

Criteria for Submission and Selection of Articles

November 12, 1996


Thank you for your interest in writing for the Journal of Transition Management. The Journal is published to the World Wide Web by MG Taylor Corporation for the benefit of the MG Taylor Network. There is no printed version of the Journal, and issues are not offered for sale. Although articles are grouped by quarter, there are no set dates for publishing, and articles may be posted by the Editor at any time. Certain articles may be protected from viewing by the general public by password.

Fees and Compensation

There is no fee paid for articles that are published in the Journal, unless under some other agreement with MG Taylor.

Ownership of Manuscripts and Images

Articles that were composed or commissioned under some arrangement with MG Taylor or its affiliates are copyrighted by MG Taylor Corporation. Such arrangements include articles, E-mails, Journals and Work Products created within the scope of an MG Taylor event or project for which the author was compensated. We will still request the permission of the author to publish such articles. This copyrighting procedure helps protect the intellectual property of the corporation and allows us to incorporate the articles into our body of knowledge.

Articles that were not written under an arrangement with MG Taylor Corporation or within the scope of an event or project for which the author was compensated by MG Taylor Corporation, will be published with the joint copyright of the author and MG Taylor Corporation.

The author's name will accompany any of his or her articles published in the Journal.

The ownership of original art will be mutually agreed upon between the artist and the Editor, representing MG Taylor Corporation, before publishing. Generally, art that depicts components of the Modeling Language or art that supports the design of the website will be copyrighted by MG Taylor Corporation and the artist will be referenced either on the image itself, in the accompanying article, or on the credits page for the website.

Who May Submit

Network members may send articles to the Editor for consideration at any time. Articles of all types are welcome, but particularly those that help explain the process of Transition Management in the field. Stories about DesignShops, projects, and work with clients told in the first person are most effective. Articles explaining and exemplifying the philosophy, culture and policies of MG Taylor Corporation are also welcome. So are articles that show the MG Taylor Modeling Language in action.

Readers of the Journal from the general public who are not network members may submit articles as well, subject to the same conditions described above. Please get in touch with the Editor by E-mail to discuss your concept and idea for the article before actually sending the manuscript.

The Editor may wish to publish certain E-mails, in particular personal logs of Knowledge Workers that have had wide dissemination throughout the network already. In this case, the E-mails will be edited to remove references to specific clients or events or individuals who do not wish to be identified, and the final version sent to the author for permission to post the article.

Submission Procedure

Articles should be sent by E-mail to the Editor. They may be composed in HTML, a text editor, ClarisWorks 4.0, or Microsoft Word, or simply as the message portion of the E-mail. There is no provision for receiving a manuscript by other than electronic means.

If the article is illustrated, the images should be attached to the E-mail in JPEG or GIF format if possible. If the images are not original, their source must be noted in the accompanying E-mail, as well as any references to a corporation's permission to publish the images on the World Wide Web. To maintain the integrity of the website, the Editor may request the original format of the images for editing, or request that the author perform the editing before publishing.

Any quotations of copyrighted material contained in the article should be cited by author, title, publisher and date of publishing.

Authors may wish to refer to Specs for Creating Pages for this website for ideas.

Articles are screened by an Editorial Review Board for selection. Reasons for any rejection or requests for rewriting will be E-mailed to the author following the review. Articles that are accepted for publication will be edited and the final edited version sent to the author for final comments.

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