Michael Kaufman

Since I was a teenager I have taken the strategy of 'learning by doing' and have been very fortunate to work with extremely facinating and brilliant people. I have been working with MG Taylor Corporation since 1987 in one form or another. My introduction to the work came by helping to produce a work product (cutting blue prints of different sizes and shapes) for a client after a DesignShop. My first experience supporting a DesignShop was in Orlando at the Orlando Management Center and over the years since then I have had the priviledge of working with many clients on a wide range of issues and challenges.

In a DesignShop environment I've done just about everything that can be done including, documenting, scribing (barely), process facilitating, facilitating, handling production of Journals and Work Products, and handling logistics. The only thing I haven't done is music facilitation.

I really enjoy working with the MG Taylor network of knowledge workers and creating an environment of learning where high performance and the creation of 'cool stuff' can occur.


The Vantage Points Model

MG Taylor Corporation


I have been involved in engagements that cut across all vantage points with clients ranging from Fortune 500 Corporations to Government Agencies, Non-profit Foundations to School Districts and Small Businesses.

Some of the projects have included:

Strategy and Strategic Planning

Market Development

Software Design

Knowledge Base Management

Quality Improvement

Executive Information Systems

Education and Training Development

Organization Design

Organizational Transformation

Global Supply Chain Management

Philosophical Vantage Point

All of the work that I have done over the last eighteen years has been based on three intersecting and integrated sets of models:

"Learning How To Learn" models

The original work of Marshall Thurber in translating Buckminster Fuller's work into experiential games and simulations through my work with SuperCamp (experiential learning for teenagers) has contributed to a rich background in learning styles and learning methods.


The MG Taylor Models

My work with MG Taylor Corporation (and affiliates) has complimented the above models with organizational learning models, the exploration of 'organizations as living systems' and the power integrating processes, environment (architecture, furniture) and tools to support human creativity and group genius.


The System of Profound Knowledge

For the past 10 years I have been studying and 'learning by doing' the theories of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his System of Profound Knowledge. These theories require a personal transformation, are quite robust and can be applied to life in general.


In addition to the experiential learning aspects of the work I have done, the transference of knowledge has been facilitated by modeling and graphic communication. I have extensive Macintosh skills.

You can contact me by sending e-mail to
Michael Kaufman at michaelk38@aol.com.

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