MG Taylor Statement of Fiduciary Responsibility

All members of the MG Taylor ValueWeb™ community must act as a fiduciary to other members of the community and to the MG Taylor ValueWeb system itself. Persons within the MG Taylor ValueWeb community are advised of their fiduciary obligations to the communty. Briefly, these obligations include:

I. DUTY OF CARE -- that is an obligation to act prudently under the circumstances.

II. DUTY OF LOYALTY -- that is an obligation to act in the interests of ValueWeb. In other words, those within the community should not seek to obtain undue advantage from the experience.

III. DUTY OF CONFIDENCE -- that is a recognition that everything that you hear during an event is confidential. You may not pass this information on to others without express consent. Any documentation that you receive during an event should be treated confidentially as well.

Persons within the MG Taylor Value Web community are expected to understand and fulfill these obligations. If you have any questions concerning these obligations, please contact MG Taylor corporation by clicking on the "contact us" button at the bottom of this page.

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