"When we look at the most beautiful towns and cities of the past, we are always impressed by a feeling that they are somehow organic.

"The feeling of 'organicness,' is not a vague feeling of relationship with biological forms. It is not an analogy. It is instead, an accurate vision of a specific structural quality which these old towns had … and have. Namely: Each of these towns grew as a whole, under its own laws of wholeness … and we can feel this wholeness, not only at the largest scale, but in every detail: in the restaurants, in the sidewalks, in the houses, shops, markets, roads, parks, gardens and walls. Even in the balconies and ornaments."

- Christopher Alexander, et. al., A New Theory of Urban Design, 1987


Recognizing facilities throughout the MG Taylor Value Web™ community that exemplify through practice the systemic and consistant ability to release group genius. Awards will be presented twice annually - at the Spring and Fall Equinox - beginning in March, 2000.

Indicates facility which has been nominated to recieve the Group Genius Seal.
Indicates facility that has been awarded the Group Genius Seal.


Current State
Date Current State was obtained
Borgess Health Alliance Navigation Center™ Environment
Kalamazoo, Michigan

N: October 8, 1999

A: March 23, 2000

Exerpts of an email sent by Gail Taylor in November, 1999:

Hello from Kalamazoo, MI and Borgess Health Alliance.

This has been quite a week. I came to BHA, after being away for a little more than a month, for our quarterly review to find out how well we are doing as a BHA/MGT team to transfer and learn from each other the ways to grow the Borgess NavCenter™ system into a long term, vital part of the organization and community.

MG Taylor's agreement is that we will be primarily through with the transfer in at the end of February. I'm extremely pleased. I believe that we are doing an exemplary job!

This week has revealed the ability and willingness of BHA to design, facilitate, krew, train, and do very complex work in the Center. There is magic in the room now as 60 mid-level managers and executives work to understand and put in place a program currently called "sustainable stewardship." They have been challenged to find and create a "living systems" competency of continually taking waste out of the system. Lisa has been introducing them to the concepts of CAS, feedback loops, places to intervene in the system, etc. They are absorbing, learning, practicing. They are beginning to stick with the "hard questions." Energy is bubbling up from the bottom to engage labor and management together in solving these problems. It is being taken seriously.

BHA is undergoing tremendous changes. There is a lot going on. We have been critical in helping them steer their way through this complexity. And they have been active learners. . . .

Palo Alto knOwhere Store
Palo Alto, California
October 8, 1999

The Palo Alto knOwhere store has come a long way in the past year. The core team has stepped up to a tremendous agenda of work and possibility, and begun to transform the store into a true marketplace.


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