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"Exemplary performers use the constant flow of information to shape products and services. In contrast, other performers use only initial information. They tend to present their initial product or service as final and often have an aversion to producing or reproducing the product or service.

Exemplars, on the other hand, use the flow of information as inputs to engage in productive iterations of product development. The exemplar, given the time constraints, will repeat the process as many times as necessary in order to produce a 'perfect product.'

For most products or services, the exemplar engages in six iterations of production. Each of these iterations emphasizes further shaping of the product because of new information feedback. Each iteration becomes a more and more efficient resource investment -- perhaps half of the previous phase. In turn, each iteration doubles the quality of the product or services. The exemplar becomes increasingly more efficient in resource investments and effective in results outputs."

Robert Carkhuff, The Exemplar, 1984.


Recognizing events that exemplified the Group Genius™ process. Events prior to January 2000 may be nominated through March 31, 2000. Awards presentations will be held twice annually - at the Spring and Fall Equiniox - beginning in March, 2000.

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Employment & Training Administration's "This Time Does It" Design Session Event
An MG Taylor Event
in Collaboration with LMA, Inc.
Continuum Health Partners
Navigation Center® Environment,
Feb 23 - 24, 2000

N: March 6, 2000

A: March 23, 2000

Nomination Notes:

This two day event was a collaboration between LMA, the primary service provider to the ETA, and MG Taylor, who was brought in to co-design and facilitate this session with the ETA's Policy Council.

Performed in the Continuum NavCenter® environment, which had not been 'practiced' by MG Taylor in quite some time. With a relatively small facilitation team (appropriate in size because there were in fact only 10 participants), the team designed and executed a complex arrangement of modules with limited technical and physical resource.

Throughout a long and intense prep day -- in which the environment was metaphorically compared to the task of opening up and dusting off a summer house not used for several seasons -- the KreW had dressed the space with both content and energy few of the Continuum staff had ever seen.

KreW members each wore many hats throughout the preparation, event, and production phases of the engagement. With only one production day available before the KreW would disband and return to their own corners of the globe, the team committed itself to shipping a completed product within that timeframe. Working literally around the clock, the team delivered - and delivered a product that has 'wowed' our collegues at LMA and the participants at ETA alike.

The event and product may not have been as elaborate, complex, or far reaching as most MG Taylor events, the design, facilitation, and production illustrated an Appropriate Response to the situation and exemplified the Group Genius™ process.


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