Modeling Language Glyphs
Ten Step Knowledge Management Process
October 30, 1996

Each component of the model is represented by a glyph, the name of the component and a definition, the meaning of the symbolism behind the glyph and a representation of the glyph that you can use in quick sketching, or shorthand notation.

Ten Step Knowledge Management Process

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Glyph Etymology Symbolism Quick
EVENT: A coming out... to come out from. An experience of some significance. A coincidence of two or more point objects at a particular position in space, at a particular instant in time. Thunderbolt: creative power¹
Inverted Clouds: conference
DOCUMENT: To note down, to mark. Lesson, example, warning, to teach. Anything serving as evidence or proof. To support with citations, annotate. Quill Pen: The delineator of all things; faith; contemplation¹
KNOWLEDGE BASE: The sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered or inferred. Skill, understanding, experience. Familiarity, awareness. Flame: Transcendence.¹
Square: House, repository of all knowledge.
DISTRIBUTION: To allot, grant apart. Dispersion, diffusion. Divide and dispense in portion. Net: Magic, authority, entanglement. "The net of heaven is wide meshed but lets nothing through."¹
TRACKING: To draw, pull. Trace, trail. To follow the footprints or traces of. Footprint: A way; a relationship with the reality of earth.¹
FEEDBACK: The return of a portion of the output to the input especially when used to maintain the output within predetermined limits. Circle in motion: heaven, perfection; mixing, blending¹
DESIGN: To conceive, invent, contrive; to form a plan for. To draw a sketch of. Intend. To have a goal or purpose. Designate. To mark out. Compass: Act of creation.¹
Circle segment: elements or substances fundamental to a specific society's or individual's livelihood.²
READ AHEAD: Read: to comprehend or take in the meaning of. To seek to interpret the true nature of. To ascertain intent of. To foretell or predict. To perceive, receive or comprehend. Advise, explain Book: Related to the symbolism of weaving.¹
Helix (Caduceus): symbol of evolutive power of energy, active equilibrium

Definitions are paraphrased from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language New College Edition, 1976

Symbolism is taken from either Carl G. Liungman's Dictionary of Symbols² or J.E. Cirlot's A Dictionary of Symbols¹ or a combination of both.

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