Modeling Language Glyphs
Business of Enterprise
November 2, 1996

Each component of the model is represented by a glyph, the name of the component and a definition, the meaning of the symbolism behind the glyph and a representation of the glyph that you can use in quick sketching, or shorthand notation.

Business of Enterprise

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Glyph Etymology Symbology Quick
CUSTOMER (consumption): A person who buys goods and services on a regular basis. To become, to accustom. Triangle: fire and aspiration towards higher unity
The figure is raising his arms in a gesture of success and satisfaction
INVESTOR (investment): One who spends or utilizes time, money or effort for future advantage or benefit. To besiege. To clothe in, surround. Circle: infinity
Circumference: adequate limitation

The figure is bending over to add to the system
PRODUCER (production): One who brings forth, creates by mental or physical effort. One who causes to occur; one who leads forward. Square: firmness, stability, the four elements, earth
: the power of creation

The figure is hammering the elements into shape
MANAGEMENT: The act, manner or practice of directing or controlling the use of. To direct or administer. Hand, handle. To mete out, dispense. To be an aid, minister to, servant. Scales: justice, balance
The figure is in the act of balancing components of the system

Definitions are paraphrased from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language New College Edition, 1976

Symbolism is taken from either Carl G. Liungman's Dictionary of Symbols or J.E. Cirlot's A Dictionary of Symbols or a combination of both.

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