Modeling Language Glyphs
7 Domains
November 2, 1996

Each component of the model is represented by a glyph, the name of the component and a definition, the meaning of the symbolism behind the glyph and a representation of the glyph that you can use in quick sketching, or shorthand notation.

7 Domains

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Glyph Etymology Symbology Quick
BODY OF KNOWLEDGE: (knowledge) State or fact of knowing. The sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered. Understanding gained through experience, study. Confess, recognize. The content of a book or document. Container. Torch: the emblem of truth; the symbol of purification
PROCESS FACILITATION: (process) A system of operations in the production of something. A series of actions that bring about a result. Proceed. (facilitation) To free from difficulties or obstacles; make easier, aid, assist. Easy. Three arrows: the light of supreme power
EDUCATION: To provide withknowledge or training. To discipline, train or devleop. To bring up. Apple: thirst for knowledge
ENVIRONMENT: Something that supports. The total of circumstances surrounding an organism or group of organisms; combination of external or extrinsic physical conditions that affect and influence the growth and devleopment of organisms. To turn around the circle. Tree: life of the cosmos, growth, an axis linking different worlds
Sun: heroic and courageous force

Water: preserver of life
TECHNICAL SYSTEMS: (technical) Derived from the systematic procedure by which a complex or scientific task is accomplished. Abstract or theoretical. According to principle; industrial/mechanical. Pertainint to or involving technology. Skill, art. Compass: the act of creation; the power of measurement or delineation
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: (project) A plan or proposal; scheme. To transport in one's imagination. to cause an image to appear on a surface. To throw forth. (management) The act, manner or practice of handling or controlling something. To direct the use of. Arrow: the light of supreme power
Star: the spirit rising upward toward a point of origin
VENTURE MANAGEMENT: (venture) An undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of doubtful outcome. To take a risk or dare. To arrive. (management) The act, manner or practice of handling or controlling something. To direct the use of. longboat (ship): joy, happiness, living to transcend, arrival at safe haven

Definitions are paraphrased from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language New College Edition, 1976

Symbolism is taken from either Carl G. Liungman's Dictionary of Symbols or J.E. Cirlot's A Dictionary of Symbols or a combination of both.

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