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September 30, 1996
(updated September 27, 1997)

Our mission and vision statement have evolved over the years. Here are some examples of this evolution:

"Our world is going through its biggest transition in known history; Some call this the Post Industrial Society - others, the shift from the Industrial to the Information Era - still others call it The New Age.

From the ranks of business, the professions, government, education and religion, a group of workers are emerging who are taking responsibility for steering these changes with craft and excellence.

We call these individuals "Transition Managers."

The Mission of Taylor Management Centers is to educate, train, facilitate and support the Transition Manager.

We do this by:

  • Creating physical environments conducive to the creative process, supplied with the tools necessary to bring forth ideas into working prototypes that are appropriate responses to today's challenges.

  • Facilitating the process of individuals and groups in learning information management and what to do to accomplish artful design and decisions; we do this with a special emphasis on developing the group genius of multidisciplinary teams.

  • Developing and implementing in client environments project management methods and management centers that amplify their ability to bring their visions into reality.Our goal: A global network of Management Centers, user owned and operated, supporting transition managers in their quest for excellence.

The result: The rebuilding of planet Earth as a work of art, created and enjoyed by all people.


The mission of Taylor Management Centers is to provide individuals and organizations with new ways of working, and to redesign and re-equip the human workplace to operate effectively in the information age.

Our basic premise is that the world is going through the largest and most rapid transition in known history. It is the shift from the industrial to the post-industrial or information age. As this shift occurs, high performance executives are grasping the implication of these changes and are taking responsibility for steering them with craft and excellence.

We call these individuals transition managers.

The work of Taylor Management Centers is to research, design, prototype, and market new management systems to empower transition managers.

Taylor Management Centers is pioneering a new industry - the knowledge industry - bringing executives the tools of the new era. These are the tools an organization needs to adapt to change - quickly and with excellence. These are the tools of the information age. These are also the tools for the transition to that age.

The information age will require new capabilities for the creation and application of information and knowledge. These capabilities will result from dramatic expansion in the performance of the intellectual resource - both human and computer-based - available within an organization.

The knowledge industry therefore is not definable in terms of existing industries; rather, it is a totally new industry which is being built from parts of many different and now separate enterprises.

We predict that within five years this industry will be growing as rapidly as the computer industry is today. Our intent is to be the first to enter the market and to be recognized as the foremost producer of knowledge-based tools that executives, managers, and workers will use to design, decide, and project-manage in the information economy.

Through the production of superior, highly-demanded, and excellently designed information age systems, we expect to become, over the next 10 years, the leader of a multi-billion dollar industry."


Since that last piece was written, MG Taylor has been learning and evolving that vision and mission, and while the original work might be written differently today the underlying concepts and patterns still hold true.

We are ushering in a new era.

We are transition managers.

We invent, design, develop and deliver tools, processes and environments that facilitate individuals and organizations in their transition to a knowledge-based world.

We are a network of individually owned and operated 'management centers' (Enterprises of One).

The MG Taylor enterprise is the Business of Enterprise model and consists of all of the clients (including the ones we are not working directly with at this time), the knowledge worker network (past and present), KnOwhere Stores, client centers and a larger environment of vendors that support all of our work. It's important for each of us to see the bigger picture and how the DesignShop fits in that picture as well as how we each fit in that picture. For a healthy enterprise it is important to grow each facet of the whole in context of the whole.

Journal Assignment: To facilitate the growth and development of the network it's a good time to review your business plan (if you don't have one it may be valuable to begin the process of developing one) and explore the ways in which your 'transition management' plan fits with the vision, mission, growth and development of the entire MG Taylor Enterprise.

This article was orginally the result of the integration team's review of a work product created in Hilton Head for MGT. That work product researched the history of MGT and brought forward some of the original vision and mission statements from 1983. Knowledge Workers in the network should connect or reconnect with that vision and recreate it for themselves individually and for ourselves as a network, collectively. This recreation will help us to move forward both consistently and organically.


For a look at a 1982 document from the Taylor archives that addresses the rate of change and the transition economy, click here.

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