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The Aftermath!
The last two days have been very intense but also a lot of fun. The participants accomplished so much--it was incredible. They left at 6:00pm and we just finished resetting the space for tomorrow's events at 8:00. We ended with a circle-up to celebrate the success of the event and talk about next steps. The participants gathered to redesign the order fulfillment tracking system to reduce inventory, speed delivery and improve accuracy. They met their objective and a small team will continue to work with some of us on the KreW tomorrow to finish the design.

This is a shot of the Radiant Room on the morning of the second day of the DesignShop event taken from the documentor's position. You can see the remote collaboration and video conferencing unit in the center of the wall.

Here some of the participants are engaged in a "take a panel" exercise. They've each got one section of WorkWall™ units to put their ideas on.

The Stable Relationship of Three was modified slightly for an event as large as a DesignShop process: There were five of us on KreW. But the three positions were always filled--someone up front, a sponsor aware of the process in the middle, and someone in the back. At one point we had three scribes on the wall. One captured the words and concepts, one made connections between concepts and labeled them, and the third added glyphs, icons and drawings. The other two KreW captured words on the computer and reset the environment for the next round.
Stepping up worked a little differently as well. After each module we reassessed what needed to be done and changed our organization and tasks to match. I got a crash course in scribing early on the first day and was up in front of the group on the second day having a blast.

Since I am fairly new at this, I chose a buddy to help me out during the DesignShop event. Yeah, you heard that right--I chose my buddy, not the other way around. Lots of things seem to be upside down in this Center but so far it all works.

Now the participants are sharing their "take a panel" work. There was so much energy in the space during this exercise--lots of people talking, listening, asking questions, understanding, synthesizing.

This picture shows the entrance to the NavCenter. The "Cortex" is on the right and our KWIB for the week is sitting behind a wing. Part of the library can be seen on the left.

We all practiced another of the Rules of Engagement: Being There. It's maybe the most important of them all--if you do it right, everything else falls into place. The idea is that we each choose constantly to actively engage with the work and with each other. Or we choose not to--it's up to us--and everyone trusts everyone else to behave with integrity towards the client and each other. There's no make work in the Center, and no one who's just along for the ride sticks around for long. We really work at making the NavCenter envrionment a safe place to be honest and a safe place to create.

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