DesignShop Event Follow-up

Williston Geophysical NavCenter™ Facility
(photographs by Cole Bellamy)

Creating Work Products
We started out the morning with a work session involving two of us from yesterday's DesignShop® KreW and three of the participants. We all wanted to press forward in finalizing the design of the fulfillment process. Two other groups from the DesignShop event were working in other locations in the Center as well. As we each completed various aspects of the project, we entered the decisions and designs into our Ten-Step Knowledge Management database and it was set up to e-mail the work to the other teams--just-in-time information.

Here's a rolling 6' Folding Workstation. It folds in half for convenient storage when not in use, but when open it was the perfect size for our small team to work at. We wheeled in three curved WorkWall™ panels and were set. On the WorkWalls you can see Hypertiles™ tools with work from yesterday's DesignShop event posted on them for reference.

These Sail Dogs are very versatile pieces of furniture. The "sail" part is actually a magnetic write-on/wipe-off surface. It rotates so that you can use it like a drafting board if you wish. Below the sail is a full size filing cabinet, several drawers for tools and shelves to store paper and current projects in progress.

We also briefed each other periodically throughout the day. Our team simply rolled one of our curved WorkWall units over to the other groups so we could capture their comments on the wall and bring it back. Some of the other teams used SailDogs™ units and wheeled them around the center to facilitate reports. By the end of the day the teams were breaking up and taking their finished work back with them.
The NavCenter facility has a Manager who works in the center like the rest of the team. You might guess that's one of the Rules of Engagement, and you'd be right! She's not there to supervise so much as to facilitate the interaction of the NavCenter space with the rest of the company. She doesn't have a private office (although any of us can use private spaces when we need to) but prefers to work on different pieces of WorkFurniture based on the type of project she's involved with.

The team consists of people from four constituencies: eight people from Williston Geophysical, three Transition Managers from MG Taylor Corporation, four or five people from a major consulting firm, and a few occasional representatives from Williston's distribution network.

The Williston folks are a mixture of managers and internal experts who provide the nucleus for project management of the effort. MG Taylor provides expertise in running NavCenter environments and group dynamics. The consultants are experts in distribution systems. And having reps from the distribution network in the space compresses design and decision time and makes for a more integrated solution.

This is one of several Kiosks in the center. The large monitor makes it a convenient place to brief individuals on what's happening in the center and on the various projects in progress.

A couple of small Wings and a Dog in use. It's very neat to be able to assemble the right kind of workstation for whatever you current task is. The Wings can be positioned to wrap themselves around you, providing lots of space to spread out projects but have everything immediately available.

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