Project Work

Williston Geophysical NavCenter™ Facility
(photographs by Cole Bellamy)

Updating the Body of Knowledge
Today I had the opportunity to do some work updating project information on the Kiosk. Roger and I quickly assembled a little breakout area and used our laptops equipped with wireless LAN connections to do the work. We converted the final output of the DesignShop event into an internal website--HTML documents, links to databases, the whole works. It's now available through the Williston Intranet Home Page. Already there are three other groups studying the work in preparation for sessions to be held in the NavCenter space next week. Our work constitutes a portion of their read-ahead and will influence the Strawdog design of their event.

This little breakout area was set up in about 5 minutes. The table knocks down into three pieces and stores in a closet (behind one of the few permanently fixed WorkWall™ units in the NavCenter). The chairs stack, and the Short Bookshelves are on wheels. I set it up for Roger and I to use in the morning.

You're looking at my future home office here! Shelf Cube wall is on the left; the Sail Dog is in the back; the Dog is in the foreground, and of course there's the Wing.

This was another option for my home office set up. Since I use a laptop, a Wing made more sense but the Individual Docking Kiosk made great sense for Roger. It adjusts up and down, and the Wing docks to it, providing a work surface and place for a keyboard.

Outfitting Myself for Remote Work at Home
After working here for about a week now I have a good feel for the furniture and its flexibility. Many of the Transition Managers here work at least part time out of their homes using technology that allows them to conference and share information via the Internet. I'm planning to do the same, so I selected a suite of furniture that would fit my lifestyle and the configuration of my home.

It begins with a Shelf Cube wall to hold books, supplies and projects. A Dog and a Sail Dog will provide adequate filing and also a WorkWall surface to do designs on. Plus the Sail Dog's sail can be tilted to give me a drafting table-like work surface. The Medium Wing gives me lots of work surface space for my laptop and papers. I use a cordless phone headset, and the base unit will fit in one of the Shelf Cubes. I ordered the whole thing a few minutes ago via the MG Taylor
virtual knOwhere store's Internet site.

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