Getting Involved in the
MG Taylor Network

Briefly, here is a typical way people get involved in our network:

Use the website to explore our philosophies, methods, ideas. A good place to start is our Modeling Language.
Leaping the Abyss : Putting Group Genius to Work is a book about one of our core services - the DesignShop® Process. It was written by two women who were on staff at a DesignShop in 1995. This provides context, lots of good information about MG Taylor and the nature of our work, as well as some customer stories from clients over the past several years.
Let us know why you are interested in working with us - what type of work are you interested in and what are the experiences and skills you bring. Whether it be through a website, resume, portfolio, or simply an email telling us about yourself and opening a dialogue.
Send correspondence to Todd Johnston (West Coast), or Patsy Kahoe (East Coast).
Once we've gotten to know each other a bit more, we'll look for an event which you can KreW as an Explorer. We currently have a network of over 400 knowledge workers around the country. New contacts are inquiring about opportunities almost every day. Finding an appropriate opportunity be as quick as a couple weeks, or take as long as several months.
  Currently, the majority of our work is in the U.S. There are
occassional events in Europe and elsewhere around the world. We have
facilities in Palo Alto, CA and Hilton Head, SC with client and
affiliate facilities throughout the U.S. and in England. Most of the
people who come into our network do it by either being a participant in
an event (typically an employee of a company we are working with) or
they staff an event as an Explorer, and the relationship proceeds from

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