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Systematic Discovery of New Options

MG Taylor specifically designs processes, environments, and tools for knowledge-based workplaces.

MG Taylor, together with Athenaeum International and KnOwhere stores, designs, builds, manufactures and operates high performance, collaborative, user configurable environments for work at office, home, travel, and virtual locations. These environments stress adaptability, life-cycle economics, human and earth friendly materials, prospect and refuge, utility, and beauty.

The goal of these environments is to facilitate human creativity--with a special focus on group genius--in a way that enables organizations of all kinds to excel and recreate themselves.

The KnOwhere store retails MG Taylor environments and all of their sub component parts. To do this we sell work furniture, specially configured computer and communication systems, books, CDs, tools, toys, puzzles. We rent short term teleconferencing spaces and work environments. We provide workshops, facilitated design sessions, design services and consulting.

KnOwhere has a national network of facilitators, architects, designers, consultants, craftsmen and project managers to help you recreate your environment and way of working at home or globally.


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