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This page is what we call an "Emergent Node" on our website. As articles are published to the
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NavCenter System Introduction and Overview

The Creation Environment: An Introduction to NavCenter Systems An introduction to the purpose of NavCenter Systems and two NavCenter Process Models that describe the general way in which work gets done in the center. The four components of the model are dialogue, grok, align, and act. The model also incorporates feedback and synthesis.
What Goes On In a NavCenter? A Matrix of NavCenter System Components and Activities The matrix is created by crossing the 7 Domains® model with the Vantage Points model. The forty-nine resulting cells define ranges of kinds of work from Philosophy to Task that take place in a NavCenter environment.
Designing, Building and Using a NavCenter System: A General Timeline for Implementation This article covers the ten weeks from the first client Discovery Session, through the first DesignShop® event, to the opening and full operational capacity of a permanent NavCenter environment. Each stage is described in detail and correlated with the Seven Stages of the Creative Process model.
NavCenter Environments
Employing the Environment in Support of the Creative Process Journal entries of a fictional Transition Manager working in a NavCenter™ environment that describe how MG Taylor® environments support the facilitation of group genius and problem solving.
NavCenter Operations
Creating a Framework for Success By Applying Rules of Engagement The Rules of Engagement are a subset of the Pattern Language for the Enterprise. These are guidelines for Transition Managers to use in the NavCenter™ system to maintain peak effectiveness.
ANDMap® Numbering System The ANDMap® system is a visual planning and project management tool that combines features of Gantt charts, PERT charts and flow charts.
Sponsoring a Session Guidelines for participants of DesignSession™ event and DesignShop® events who find themselves in the position of sponsoring a session. Includes suggestions for preparation.
Designing Sessions in the NavCenter A detailed look at the process of design that combines the Scan Focus Act, Ten-Step Knowledge Management, and 5E's of Education models.

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