Starting Points

A few fundamentals that begin to explain the who, what, and why of MG Taylor Corporation's work

A couple things to keep in mind as you browse our website:

We have 'grown' the site much in same as we have grown our enterprise; organically, iteratively, and always focused around work;

This has created a site that is vast in content, with many gateways in, but no singular pathway and no simple sequence through it. The core design principle is discovery rather than access.

The links below are, however, a great start. You'll find corporate history and stories, philosophical foundations, as well as pages describing processes, tools, and environments that we have developed along our 20-year journey and how these have created fundamentally new ways of working.

Organizing Principles
Transition Manager's Creed The philosophy upon which MG Taylor Corporation was founded.
MG Taylor Vision and Mission The purpose of MG Taylor Corporation.
Cathedral Building The essence and spirit of what we do and why we do it.
The Transition Economy Matt Taylor's journal entry from 1982 regarding increasing rates of change and the ways in which businesses must adapt to this environment.
Premises Regarding the Knowledge Economy The principles of the 21st century economy--an article published in Mobius magazine in December, 1993.
ValueWeb™ Networks and the Business of Enterprise A fundamental concept for growing viable network organizations
Our Story
25 Years of Design, Build, Use Matt Taylor prepared this story for his class at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture.
History of MG Taylor Corporation's Strategic Direction A narrative and timeline of MG Taylor's 20+ year history.
Growth of Our Network of Centers Matt Taylor's discussion of the genesis and evolution of the processes, tools and environments used by MG Taylor Corporation.
Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work Authors Chris Peterson and Gayle Pergamit attended a DesignShop and wrote about their experience - including interviews with MG Taylor founders, staff, and customers.
Group Genius An article published in the October, 1997 Fast Company, by Paul Roberts.
Environments, Processes and Tools
ReWorking the Workplace: Keys to Sustained Peak Performance Achieving greater success in the 21st century by changing the nature of management--an article published in Mobius magazine in December, 1993.
Modeling Language Developed over the last 25 years, these models collectively form a loose grammar and lexicon for people to use when talking about the qualitative dynamics of enterprises undergoing transitions from mechanistic bureaucracies to organic, collaborative networks.
What is a DesignShop® Event? A brief introduction to the three-day DesignShop® Process by which we and our clients design solutions to complex problems.
Navigation Center™ Environments An introduction to the NavCenter™ concept--an MG Taylor environment devoted to the roll-out of a specific, if complex, project.
Management Centers A description of one of the kinds of work environments that MG Taylor designs and the reasons for using one.
An Introduction to PatchWorks™ Designs PatchWorks Designs brings together the organisms and fragments of knowledge in a complex system, and using the Design-Build-Use way of working, facilitates a systems integration dialogue in a compressed period of time. . . .
Who We Are
The MG Taylor Core Team Meet the folks who are at the heart of the Enterprise
The MG Taylor Network of Knowledge Workers Grown steadily over the past 20 years, this rich, deeply talented pool of indepedent knowledge workers unique facilitation teams to design and execute the work, then disbands until the next opportunity. . . .

The knOwhere store

Birthed and nurtured by MG Taylor, the knOwhere stores are now an independent business . . . a marketplace for the network economy.
Athenaeum International Another organization grown within the MG Taylor organization, AI now designs, builds, and installs environments for knowledge-intensive workplaces all over the world.
iterations An itegral player in our ValueWeb community, iterations researches science and technology to help bring ideas to a forum and process that promotes their rapid assimilation into tools that facilitate the creation of a healthier society.

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