Organizations Created Within MG Taylor

These companies form a synergy that embodies the patented system and method in an operational ability to deal with complexity, the rate of change and the requisite-variety problem. These companies provide goods, products and services - related to collaborative, high-performance environments and the creation of working ValueWeb structures - to organizations of all types and sizes all over the world.

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Athenaeum International, Inc. designs, manufactures and deploys adaptable work environments, integrated technology and components.

Camelot Excursions offers maritime excursions, sail training, team-building and one-on-one dialogue. She is a pleasurable exercise in collaborative design-from charting the course to executing a starboard tack-that is shared with colleagues and friends.

iterations, LLC researches science and technology to help bring ideas to a forum and process that promotes their rapid assimilation into tools that facilitate the creation of a healthier society; and develops models for doing integrated science, technology development and business creation.

knOwhere, Inc., is a marketplace for the knowledge economy; a physical and virtual portal to environments, tools, and processes to enable almost any organizational purpose. KnOwhere has a global license to use the MG Taylor® processes in any of it's product and service offerings.

White Wolf, LLC demonstrates an alternative to the traditional model of publishing.

Tommorrow Makers, a not-for-profit transforming the needs, hopes and dreams of related sectors of society into powerful, pragmatic solutions to effectively cause systemic change across local, regional and global levels.

Yolke Corporation provides network infrastructure design and management and application development of agent-based work tools.




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