What Our Customers Have Said:

"In every case, groups were more productive, creative, and energetic in doing their work than I have experienced in other locations I've used for group events. The design of the space, the audio-visual support, the music, the staff support, the overall excellent service all work together to produce what seems to me at times a magical experience."
Colleen M. Brown, Director-Organizational Learning, DTE Energy

"The list of benefits that have come out of DesignShop® events goes on and on: radically reduced testing times; early approval of the 777 engine for intercontinental flight, based on setting a world record for running an engine in a wind tunnel continuously for 52 hours."
John Poparad, Strategist, Arnold Engineering & Development Center

"This is mind candy for my soul. Having attended for two years now, this event stands alone in my mind as an opportunity to explore new horizons, challenge assumptions, and turbocharge a pursuit of lifetime learning."
Steve Jurvetson, Senior Associate,
Foresight Institute

"The DesignShop event results were so dramatic that Merrill Lynch said 'no, we don’t have to wait three years before an initial public offering — we could do it in thirteen months.'"
Vince Wasik, MorningSide Capital, recounting Carson Products 1995 DesignShop experience

"In every instance we are getting done in three days what we would have historically accomplished in somewhere between six weeks and three months."
Lee Sage, former Senior Partner at Ernst & Young. LLP describing the effeciveness of the DesignShop process

"We use our Navigation Center to help us work on everything from day to day affairs to our long-term planning and strategy decisions."
Dave McCurdy, NASA Wind Tunnel Engineer & Navigation Center Knowledge Worker

“The result was a truly innovative and unique system which has still not been duplicated by anyone in the country....It is my belief that this could not have happened in any other way than...within the DesignShop process.”
J. L. Yurish, Jack Yurish & Associates, former executive with National Car Rental

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