The MG Taylor Core Team



Matt Taylor Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Matt is a designer, inventor, teacher, facilitator, sailor and entrepreneur. He has focused a forty-four year career on the application of architectural design to solving complex, systemic problems in organizational and epistemological frameworks - from business processes, tool-sets and software programs - to the design, construction and use of physical environments, and their component artifacts - including their fit with, and impact on, social-economic systems.

His theoretical foundation is based on the principles of organic architecture and the sciences of general systems theory, cybernetics and complex adaptive systems. He has made a lifelong study of the human creative process and how individual and group creativity is augmented by the artful integration of technology, environment and work processes.

He is a co-founder of MG Taylor Corporation, knOwhere Inc., Athenaeum International, Inc., Yolke Corporation, Iterations, LLC, and White Wolf, LLC.




Lisa Piazza Vice President, Product Development and Delivery

Lisa has a long tenure with MG Taylor, having played a fundamental role at key points in the growth of the company since its inception. A broad-range of knowledge enables her to make valuable contributions to the development of intellectual property and the delivery of licensed products to the marketplace. Her career also includes a decade of experience in the global transportation and logistics industry and several years in electronics manufacturing. She has established a solid track record for creating insightful innovation in organizational and learning processes. She has been a student of the systems sciences since 1975 and continuously applies this body of knowledge in her work. She completed the 11th grade of high school and has held an apprenticeship in traditional wooden boatbuilding.


Patsy Kahoe Vice President, Operations & Administration; Secretary/Treasurer

Patsy joined MG Taylor in 1994. She manages all aspects of corporate operations and administration associated with client and vendor relations, product and service development, sales and delivery, and assists in financial and legal matters. As part of the executive team, she collaborates in developing and realizing strategic objectives for the company.

Prior to joining MG Taylor she enjoyed a career as a professional equestrian that spanned three decades. In addition to coaching and competing, she served as Chief Steward for a U.S.-based international competition for a number of years.

Other previous experience includes nine years in the leather industry, where she was instrumental in developing a national custom leather goods company, three years in the marine industry, and several successful entrepreneurial ventures. In all fields her focus has been on improving operations and expanding market share. She earned an experimental Bachelors Degree from the University of Kentucky.



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