Customer Relationships, continued

The Only Valid Test of an Idea, Concept or Theory Is What It Enables You to Do.

Further examples of influence include:

Food Industry: Major expansion of natural foods grocery in 90 days, staging the company to become a significant player in the field; Complete recreation of a fast food chain's image, including prototype stores opened within 100 days of design event.

Government: Development of 10,000-year plan for nuclear waste disposal.

Healthcare: Facilitation of over a dozen healthcare organizations to solve a variety of challenges; Establishment of permanent facilities for ongoing work in three hospitals.

Insurance: Successful merger, including relocation of one of the companies.

Management Consulting: Transfer and licensing of our process to a Big Six consulting firm, which is now a key asset in their service offerings.

Media: Developed experiential workshop for national newspaper publishing company focusing on innovation and how a large, distributed company can generate and sustain it; Integration of independent media stations into a single corporation.

Military: process used to dramatically cut the cost of production of Air Force fighter.

Pharmaceuticals: Developing strategy for launch of global marketing initiative.

Technology: Facilitate annual associate gatherings of pioneer nonprofit educational organization formed to help prepare society for anticipated advanced technologies.

Utilities: Design and facilitation of executive leadership workshop with regional energy corporation; Transfer and licensing of our process to a Midwest power company to facilitate individual career development and company wide strategic initiatives.

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