The MG Taylor® Delphi Process

MG Taylor has used this classic iterative and recursive learning process for several decades to explore a variety of complex systemic issues.

The Delphi Process can be used in a variety of context. Frequently, we employ a delphi in conjunction with an upcoming event, such as a 7 Domains® Audit.

This process performs several important functions:

To produce a common experience around a set of ideas, the first step in moving from a 'crowd' to a group of people learning and creating new knowledge together;

To establish a baseline and an awareness of assumptions regarding the future, the nature of the organization and its role in tomorrow's world;

To extend the cycle of learning and feedback beyond the bounds of collaborative event and incorporate the insights and vantage points of a larger community;

To create a community of exploration in which people working together can remain true to their discoveries over time.


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