Stages of an Enterprise . . .

1993 Reworking the Workplace: Keys to Sustained Peak Performance, by Gail and Matt Taylor, published in Mobius Magazine.

1994 NASA Langley Strategic Navigation Center was created to support organizational transformation.

1995 Ernst and Young, AT Kearney, CSC Index approach MG Taylor to partner in developing the methodologies for knowledge management and accelerated solutions.

1996 MG Taylor Corporation partners with Ernst and Young, LLP and eventually licenses it to do DesignShops® and establish Accelerated Solution Environments.

1996 The first knOwhere opens in Hilton Head, South Carolina

1997 Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work, a book about the MG Taylor processes, tools, and environments, published by knOwhere Press.

1997 The October edition of Fast Company Magazine features MG Taylor Corporation, the knOwhere environments, and its founders in an article titled Group Genius.

1998 knOwhere, Inc. formed to replicate and expand MG Taylor Corporation's unique methodologies through a series of knOwhere stores.

1998 Borgess Health Alliance Navigation Center, a dynamic environment in which people can experience and explore the creative process in order to sustain and grow the enterprise and to co-design innovative solutions to complex work problems.

1999 MG Taylor facilitates the Foresight Institute's "Group Genius Weekend: Foresight for the Next 30 Years."

2000 The first Group Genius™ Awards are presented to individuals and organizations who exemplify the MG Taylor way-of-working.

2001 Gail and Matt Taylor travel to Davos, Switzerland to facilitate several workshops at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting.

2001 US Patent & Trademark Office grants patent on "a system and method for addressing the paradoxes and problems associated with the Knowledge Economy, and the transition to it."

2001 The Most Amazing Thing designed and produced by White Wolf, LLC and published by MG Taylor's knOwhere Press.

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