The Most Amazing Thing,
by Robert Grudin
ISBN # 0965899519
Online: Now
In print: Fall 2001


Leaping The Abyss:
Putting Group Genius To Work
by Chris Peterson
& Gayle Pergamit

ISBN # 0965899500
Online: Now
In print: Fall 1997

KnOwhere Press is a division of MG Taylor Corporation. There are three general classifications of knOwhere Press publications:

• Works that directly pertain to the MG Taylor processes and methods. Since its inception in 1979, the corporation has accumulated vast amounts of content—essays, models, event documentation, future scenarios, research papers, etc.—that knOwhere Press plans to package and publish. Additionally, outside authors who write about the workings of MG Taylor may use knOwhere Press to publish their work.

• Works that are not currently in print that MG Taylor or an affiliate organization wishes to bring back to the marketplace. Typically, these are titles that are a part of the MG Taylor Library, a collection of close to ten thousand titles that has been discriminatingly grown over the past three decades. As many of these titles have since gone out of print, knOwhere Press may, on occasion, seek the rights to republish these seminal works.

• Works that are authored, created, or sponsored by members of the MG Taylor community. While knOwhere Press is discerning in its selection, these works may come from any genre or field -art, business, education, fiction, poetry, reference, etc. Selections are made on a case-by-case basis.

For more about our business model and publishing projects, or to submit a proposal, please drop the Press a email.

knOwhere Press is a member of

Small Publishers Association of North America Publishers Marketing Association

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