Licensing & Certification

A primary service of MG Taylor is to teach, train, and transfer ability to employ the System and Method in the workplace. MG Taylor licenses organizations, and certifies individuals.


On the organizational level, knOwhere, Inc. has worldwide licenses to employ the System and Method in its product and service offerings. KnOwhere offers the State-of-the-Art in DesignShop Processes as well as a wide variety of facilitation and consultation services.

After the completion of an 18-month training and transfer period, Ernst & Young, LLP gained a license in 1997 to practice the DesignShop Process in specific markets and business applications.

Several other organizations - both small and large - have likewise obtained licenses to practice aspects of our methodology. Among these are Detroit Edison, Borgess Health Alliance, and SuperLab.

Depending upon the scale and scope, the transfer of a license at the organizational level requires several months to two years of intensive interaction. Individuals and small companies may obtain a single-use license for a discrete event or project. Those involved in providing the service must be experienced in the MG Taylor process and have demonstrated requisite skill for the proposed activity.


Through specific education and training workshops, indivudual coaching and sponsorship, and "on-the-job experience," MG Taylor certifies knowledge workers to employ the System and Method in their workplace. There are several levels of certification, and individual curriculum is highly customized to suit the situation.

For more on certification or licensing, contact our corporate office, 843-671-4755, or email us for more information.

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