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1979 MG Taylor Corporation formed to research and develop processes, tools and environments. MG Taylor Mission Statement: The mission of the Taylor Management Centers is to provide individuals and organizations with new ways of working, and to redesign and re-equip the workplace to operate effectively in the Information Age.

1980 MG Taylor Corporation built its first environment, called the Anticipatory Management Center.

1982 MG Taylor Axioms written by Matt and Gail Taylor while driving down the mountain from their home to the Management Center.

1983 Worked with the FAA and 13 airlines to help them find solutions to long flight delays (several hour delays were common, because of congestion, not weather).

Our History - A Story of Design, Build, Use
Part 1 of 4

22 years ago, Gail and Matt Taylor moved to Boulder, Colorado to start a new business based on a unique way of working.

Both, by this time, had over 20 years work experience—Gail in education, Matt in architecture [please register with knetweb]—their focus, in 1979, was on creativity, the environment that stimulates it, and why individuals and organizations were not using - to greater individual and social advantage - the many alternatives that were available to them.

What is now MG Taylor Corporation, AI, the knOwhere Stores, Yolke (CyberConn® Systems) and iterations was started in Boulder in August 1979.

The first environment, the Anticipatory Management Center, was built in the spring of 1980. The first work done in the Center was for the Affordable Housing Project DesignShop® process with the City of Boulder.

The Taylors left Boulder at the end of 1983 when The Acacia Group purchased the Enterprise. However, the environmental design group stayed behind and is now AI, an affiliate member and business unit of the MG Taylor ValueWeb™ network.

In this regard, MG Taylor has never left Boulder and the place of its origin.

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