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1985 Working for Acacia in Washington D.C., Matt and Gail Taylor created a Navigation Center™ to help the company recreate itself. Their last project with Acacia was the design of the Navigation Center in Orlando, now owned by CNL Group, Inc.

1988 General Motors, National Car Rental, Capital Holding Corporation developed in-house environment.

1991 First strategic military client: MG Taylor transferred its system integration, knowledge management, and facilitation processes to Arnold Engineering and Development Center.

These methods were coupled with an MG Taylor designed collaborative environment. Today, AEDC, is licensed and facilitates strategic alliance initiatives with both public and private partners, suppliers and the community.

1993 Reworking the Workplace: Keys to Sustained Peak Performance, by Gail and Matt Taylor, published in Mobius Magazine.

Our History - A Story of Design, Build, Use
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Today, MG Taylor and its affiliate organizations and Business Units, offer a wide variety of products and services designed for the “knowledge/network Economy.” These are delivered, across all product/service lines and all Business Units in four modes:

(1) CONCEPT - Descriptive/Consultative

(2) TEMPLATE - Drawings, Specifications and Manuals

(3) PARTS - Pieces and Components

(4) SYSTEM - Turn Key.

These four modes make it possible for ValueWeb members and users of Taylor products and services to access them at the level of formation they desire and at a price-point they can afford.

MG Taylor has been and remains a pioneer of the Network Economy. It has “created the market” in a variety of categories including an entirely new approach to collaborative work and the practice of “Group Genius” - as well as - the creation of new places to work, new tools to work with and new means of working remotely. MG Taylor has been recognized as a “Fast Company” by Fast Company magazine.

We are now expanding this portfolio by creating the computer support and augmentation systems necessary for doing the Taylor work process effectively.

The essence of this method is the integration of work-processes, tools and environments in a way that systematically promotes Group Genius, synergy and emergent behavior among human agents and agents of all kinds. This is accomplished by a patent-pending process. The expectation is for the patent to be issued by the end of the first quarter 2001.

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