Stages of an Enterprise . . .

1994 NASA Langley Strategic Navigation Center was created to support organizational transformation.

1995 Ernst and Young, AT Kearney, CSC Index approach MG Taylor to partner in developing the methodologies for knowledge management and accelerated solutions.

1996 MG Taylor Corporation partners with Ernst and Young, LLP and eventually licenses it to do DesignShops® and establish Accelerated Solution Environments.

1996 The first knOwhere opens in Hilton Head, South Carolina

1997 Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work, a book about the MG Taylor processes, tools, and environments.

1997 The October edition of Fast Company Magazine features MG Taylor Corporation, the knOwhere environments, and its founders in an article titled Group Genius.

Our History - A Story of Design, Build, Use
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In essence, the Taylor way of working offers 21st Century organizations and ValueWeb™ networks an OS - an operating system [please register with knetweb]- for functioning as a network enterprise in the emerging economy.

This OS is offered as a philosophy within the framework of a Modeling Language and as a suite of integrated processes, tools and environments necessary for the execution of real work.

The focus of this method is the creation and use of ValueWebs - which many now believe to be a critical organizing principle for effective participation in the new economy - and, the employment of Group Genius by those ValueWebs.

Over the years, MG Taylor has conceived and designed this organizational strategy, build the processes and tools to support it, the environments for it to act in, and has become an example “of one” by the execution of its own organizational structure.

This pioneering effort has involved a great of deal design and planning, significant trial and error and a few false starts. MG Taylor, and its various affiliate enterprises, has been a lab for both discovering and executing a new enterprise strategy.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, MG Taylor has emerged as a maturing Network Economy Enterprise that offers a significant suite of integrated products and services for the creation and support of network organizations and the new economy.

These are delivered by a ValueWeb that exemplifies the organizational strategy these products and services are designed and delivered to support. Thus, MG Taylor brings 20 years of real-world experience [please register with knetweb] to the work it offers investors, customers partners and clients.

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