Stages of an Enterprise . . .

1998 knOwhere, Inc. formed to replicate and expand MG Taylor Corporation's unique methodologies through a series of knOwhere stores.

1998 Borgess Health Alliance Navigation Center, a dynamic environment in which people can experience and explore the creative process in order to sustain and grow the enterprise and to co-design innovative solutions to complex work problems.

1999 MG Taylor facilitates the Foresight Institute's "Group Genius Weekend: Foresight for the Next 30 Years."

2000 The first Group Genius™ Awards are presented to individuals and organizations who exemplify the MG Taylor way-of-working.

2001 Gail and Matt Taylor travel to Davos, Switzerland to facilitate several workshops at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting.

Our History - A Story of Design, Build, Use
Part 4 of 4

MG Taylor does not do work for clients - it acts as a System Integrator of a specific ValueWeb™ domain - of which the client is an active member. It is this structure/process that creates and distributes the value sought.

In addition to this System Integrator role, some aspects of the work are sometimes directly provided by MG Taylor and its affiliate organizations and Business Units. Much of it, and sometimes most of it, is provided by extended ValueWeb members.

Within the MG Taylor ValueWeb are many individuals and organizations with the know-how and organizational ability to provide what is required in a wide variety of circumstances. The ValueWeb grows, organically, as new challenges are presented. MG Taylor organizations and members remain active as product/service providers along with their “Commissioner of Baseball” role.

MG Taylor, and the ValueWeb are moving well beyond the cofounders who now are becoming members of the ValueWeb pursuing their own projects as they continue to work with in Taylor organizations on a systematically diminishing basis.

Today, in early 2001, the market revenue value of the activities associated with the Taylor way-of-working within the total ValueWeb is in range of 100 million dollars a year - and growing.


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