Beneath its medley of adventure and satire, The Most Amazing Thing tells the story of a typical American man's search for empowerment and validation, in a world alive with sharply conflicting moral messages. Can Desmond Ruck find dignity in macho power, in romantic love, in philanthropy, in learning how to write or simply in the power and fame of being the world's richest man? In the end none of these social roles proves substantial enough for Ruck, who finds a more profound confirmation of character in the curious thought that "everything has a story."

"A story!" In a more abstract sense, The Most Amazing Thing, with its dizzying multiple plots and its grab-bag of narrative gimmicks, is about the very idea of a story—the nature of narrative as a cultural institution and a psychological revelation. Again and again Ruck's clichéd language can't express the raw intensity of what's happening to him, but his very interpretive failures make his experiences seem realer. And these experiences run the full gamut of traditional narrative material, as well as sweeping across the abundant excesses and phobias of turn-of-the-century American society

News & Announcements

The Most Amazing Thing,
a new novel by Robert Grudin, author of MG Taylor library classics The Grace of Great Things: Creativity & Innovation, On Dialogue: An Essay in Free Thought, and Time and the Art of Living, will be published by knOwhere Press in the Fall and is now available online.

Matt Taylor presents

"Employing Group Genius: Building ValueWebs for a Global Economy"

to the Stanford Japan Center in Kyoto, Japan and the Kansai Silicon Valley Venture Forum in Osaka, Japan.

MG Taylor & the DesignShop® process featured in Fortune Magazine:

Seagate's Three-Day Revolution



Gail Taylor joined 19 other thought leaders and presenters for an online dialogue:

Managing Interactively,

February 27 - March 2, 2001.
Based on the newly published book by Mary E. Boone, which features MG Taylor, knOwhere, and Atheneaum International.



MG Taylor facilitated 4 IdeaLab Workshops at

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

in Davos, Switzerland
January 25 - 30, 2001


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updated June 8, 2001.

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