2001 Product & Service Focus

MG Taylor and its affiliate organizations and business units, offer a wide variety of products and services designed for the network economy.

MG Taylor Corporation works primarily on large scale system integration projects; deployment of working environments (RDS®) for solving systemic business and social problems in compressed, real-time sessions; and work-system licensing.

Over the coming year, MG Taylor will focus on 4 major areas of product and service delivery:

Additionally, knOwhere Press will be publishing its first book since 1997, and is actively persuing additional publishing opportunites.

Visit the web sites of our affiliate companies for additional products and services based on the MG Taylor System and Method:

knOwhere, Inc. Marketplace for the knowledge economy, knOwhere is a physical and virtual portal to environments, tools, and processes needed to accomplish almost any organizational purpose. knOwhere has a global license to employ the MG Taylor System & Method in it's product and service offerings.

Athenaeum International, Inc. designs, manufactures and deploys adaptable work environments, integrated technology and components.

iterations, LLC researches science and technology to help bring ideas to a forum and process that promotes their rapid assimilation into tools that facilitate the creation of a healthier society; develops models for doing integrated science, technology development and business creation.

Camelot Excursions offers maritime excursions, sail training, team-building and one-on-one dialogue.

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