The Origin of RDS:
A Cybernetic Response to Community Crisis

by Matt Taylor

Editor's Note: The following article provides context as to where the RDS idea came from. Since the early 1990's, MG Taylor and Affiliates have developed new capacities based upon the RDS model, including the RDS Response process described on this page.

When crisis hits a segment of our society, we have many mechanisms in place to respond to it. What is unfortunate, however, is that these are incremental, parts-focused, and tend to fix rather than recreate.

A process and tool kit is not provided that facilitates a large social system, such as a town or region, to move significantly beyond the conditions and intrinsic model that has just been so clearly proven to be vulnerable by the crisis. Too often, people just build back the same design-strategy - only "stronger."

The idea of the RDS is to deploy a capacity to facilitate a far better design process than happens in the political vacuum that is too often the afterbirth of a crisis. To provide a neutral, creative place where a community can deal with crisis and recreate itself. To do this without any upfront costs or obligations on the part of the community and then incorporate the community as part of a ValueWeb™ system going forward that returns the favor in an appropriate way, at the the appropriate time - a gift economy. Increasing returns.

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2001 Product & Service Focus

RDS® Response

On site executive level consultation using the MG Taylor process on specific, highly-leverage strategic issues.

Deploying RDS technology to your location, a team of MG Taylor knowledge workers engage with your team to address high level, complex, time-bound projects and initiatives of the organization.

These intensive interactions, from one to five days in length, reduce by an order of magnitude the time it takes to achieve resolution and raise by an order of magnitude the level of systemic thought, innovation and fitness of the solution.

RDS Response is ideally suited for issues that demand a bold move in a fresh direction, for launching startups, or guiding an enterprise through turbulent times and market shifts.

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