The Business of Enterprise
Creating and Sustaining
ValueWeb™ Networks

Some companies are learning how to transform a zero-sum game into an infinite game. In a zero sum game, there's a finite amount of resource and the game is to decide how it gets distributed. In an infinite game, the purpose of the game is to continue the game--to grow and expand the resource base and the distribution model. The best models to use when playing infinite games are living systems models. Ecologies of organizations, or ValueWeb networks [link requires knetweb registration], communities and enterprises, are in the business of growing the pie and making their webs larger.



“ValueWeb communities have been in our vocabulary and way of working since 1988 [link requires knetweb registration] . A network economy does not think in supply chain terms or in departmental boxes. It thinks and acts as a web of ideas, people, processes, markets, tools, environments. The parts and the whole grow stronger together. Threads weave together, forming new patterns, new connections, new capabilities. Producers, customers, and investors design, invent, build, market and sell as an ecosystem.

“Co-creation replaces the linear way of thinking and doing where each part gets it 'right' and passes it to the next part to get it 'right' who passes it on and so forth. ValueWeb communities work concurrently, changing 'hats' where appropriate, competing, cooperating ... constantly evolving to bring higher order solutions, people, and opportunties into the web.
Gail Taylor

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